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Welcome to SMS Technology Services!!!

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     My name is John Wollbrinck and I am the Technology Manager for South Middle School.  It is my privilege to be responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of 99% of the technology at this school (I do not do refrigerators, microwaves, or coffee pots).

     I was born and raised in Colorado.  After high school I attended Front Range Community College, Metropolitan State College and graduated from Regis University with my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Management.  I root for the local baseball and football teams, Go Rockies and Broncos!!!  The love of my life, Tammy, is a school nurse with APS and I am the proud papa of the two most amazing children ever, Matthew and Katrina.

     I have 30+ years of Information Technology experience as well as telecommunications and datacommunications.  My APS experience includes two years at Rangeview High School as substitute teacher and campus monitor.  From 2004 thru 2017 I was Technology Manager at Aurora Central High School.  Past jobs that I have held include programmer, computer operator, computer communications trouble analysis technician, network engineer, Unix administrator, helpdesk supervisor, IT manager, substitute teacher, campus monitor, and technology technician.  My list of employers includes Qwest (Century Link), @LightSpeed (Fortrust), Starbucks, and Aurora Public Schools (Rangeview High School, Aurora Central High and South Middle School).

   The technology of this building includes, but is not necessarily limited to, computer hardware, printers, copiers, telephones, computer software, projectors, visualizers/document cameras, iPod, iPads, iPhones, Promethean Boards, cameras, and a host of other technology pieces purchased with school/district funds, that assist us in delivering educational content to our students. I work hand-in-hand with various staff members at this school and the Aurora Public Schools Information Technology Department in an attempt to deliver the highest quality service possible.


Who Do I Contact?:


If you have an absolute technology failure/emergency you should contact the front desk by touching Zero on your phone or dialing ext. 25800 and have them contact me by radio.  Do not forget to tell the operator what room number the assistance is needed.

Your first contact for any technology issue, regardless of whether it is hardware or software related, is the APS IT HelpDesk by email at or on the web at http://isupport01/User/Dashboard to "Create an Incident".

For more specific information on various issues best solved by other departments please read on.

Student issues:

If a student needs to have a password reset for a Computer login please use this link http://isupport01/User/Dashboard  

A student needing to have a password reset for Student Portal should visit with  .

Parent Portal issues:

For Parent Portal questions the parents involved should go through the Family Liaison, Kimm Diggs, in the media center.


PLEASE NOTE:  An iSupport ticket is the most reliable method of requesting technology services or assistance. Even if you have stopped me in the hall or left a voice mail please find a computer and build a follow-up ticket at:  http://isupport01/User/Dashboard  or email .



Happy Computing and Thanks for your continuing support and patience!!!